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Donna Hunn, PT - Miles City , MT <Prev Endorsement Endorsement List^ Next Endorsement>

“I felt blessed to have been introduced to your product.”
- Donna Hunn, PT

I am writing to praise the Alpha Stim 100 both as patient and a professional. I have been using the product for only 10 days and I have noticed significant improvements in my energy level, mood, and pain. I have reduced the amount of medication I take for pain, anxiety, and depression.

My sleep cycle has improved dramatically. Prior to using Alpha-Stim 100, I never felt as though I could completely fall asleep at night. I woke up multiple times through the night to change positions and get comfortable. I was tired every morning and hit snooze button on the alarm 2 or more times. Since I started using the Alpha Stim 100, I sleep all night long and have no recollection of waking up to change positions. I even wake feeling fully rested prior to the alarm. My goal is to gradually decrease my medication until I am free.

As a physical therapist, I am looking forward to helping my patients with this product, especially individuals who do not seem to respond with traditional therapy treatments.

I felt blessed to have been introduced to your product. Thank you very much for this opportunity to respond.



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