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Dietrich K. Klinghardt, M.D. - Seattle, WA <Prev Endorsement Endorsement List^ Next Endorsement>

“The results have been as long lasting as the results with the local anesthetic injection.”
- Dietrich K. Klinghardt, M.D.

I have been using the Alpha-Stim CS for six months now. As the President of the American Academy of Neural Therapy, I am most concerned and involved with the treatment of chronic intractable pain.

One of the most important and overlooked contributing factors in chronic pain is the abnormal afferent neurological activity originating from scar tissue. Traditionally, the treatment for this condition was the injection of the scar with procaine or lidocaine ("neural therapy"). Faced with the dilemma that neither dentists nor chiropractors or other healthcare professionals that are not M.D.s or D.O.s are allowed by law to inject local anesthetics, we were therefore looking for modalities other than injections that could help restore normal electrochemical function of scar tissue.

The Alpha-Stim CS is the first such device that consistently was able to successfully and lastingly treat the scars, such as hysterectomy scars, appendectomy scars, etc. The electrode is applied to either end of the scar. The current will travel allow the path of least resistance, which usually is the scar itself. We found treatment times of 7-12 minutes sufficient. Just as with injection treatment in neural therapy, treatment often needs to be repeated 2-3 times (at one week intervals). We are using muscle testing (applied kinesiology) as a guide as to when the treatment is completed. The results have been as long lasting as the results with the local anesthetic injection.

Therefore, I recommend the Alpha-Stim CS to all health practitioners for the use in neural therapy treatment. The appropriate diagnostic approach should be learned at the Neural Therapy Workshops conducted by the American Academy of Neural Therapy, telephone number 206-749-9967.

Dietrich K. Klinghardt, M.D.




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