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Alpha-Stim® Patient Testimonials

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Chronic Pain Relief For Patients

“ I purchased a machine and have used it every day.”
- Robert Erger

Subject:  My use of the Alpha-Stim 100 for Parkinson's Disease (PD)

My Profile:

1. Seventy-two years old and a retired Fighter Pilot.

2. Married with five children and seven grandchildren.

3. Diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease two years ago.

4. Journeyed to The Mayo Clinic in MN and the Whitaker Wellness Clinic in CA.  Both of these clinics said that PD was not curable.  I tried several expensive treatments without any visible results at Whitaker.  I did gain helpful information from both clinics about proper diet, exercise, and need to maintain a good attitude.

5. About nine months later, I discovered Alpha-Stim 100.  I purchased a machine and have used it every day.

6. I have seen and felt some positive results.
     a. Hands have quit shaking to a large degree.
     b. No signs of anxiety.
     c. Left arm has started moving when walking.
     d. Continue to feel good and I have a positive outlook.

7. Daily routine
     a. Daily use of the Alpha-Stim 100.
     b. Exercise one hour a day.
     c. Follow a healthy diet.
     d. Keep a positive outlook and attitude.

I want to thank you for talking on the phone with me. It was very beneficial.



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Chronic Pain Relief Patient Testimonials