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Chronic Pain Relief For Patients

“Use of the machine has allowed me to finally get control over the debilitating pain of Fibromyalgia.”
- Faye Kulberg

This is to say thank you for the Alpha-Stim 100.  Use of the machine has allowed me to finally get control over the debilitating pain of Fibromyalgia.

Since my early 40's when I started menopause, I have had severe migraines requiring many trips to the emergency room for Demerol to control the pain when before discovering Imitrex and being able to self administer shots at the migraine onset. As you can see, I was no stranger to pain. Since early childhood, I have had problems with fatigue and memory as well as panic and anxiety attacks. Starting when I broke my leg in 1995, through the present, I have developed other symptoms such as not being able to sleep, and pain in various areas of my body. Doctors had not been able to determine the cause, and only treated the symptoms.

As Vice President of Human Resources for a fortune 100 company, I had to deal with all of this. Including taking numerous prescription medications and continue to be functional at work. The only times that I could take the prescription pain killers were after work and on weekends. Even then, the pain became so bad that nothing helped. My doctor felt the pain was from a misalignment due to the broken leg and sent me to a chiropractor who, after a number of sessions, told me that she believed that I have Fibromyalgia and had me go back to my doctor. The Fibromyalgia was officially diagnosed at the end of 2002 at which time my doctor told me that there wasn't anything that she could do for me, except to continue me on prescription drugs and that I needed to exercise.

My depression increased. I realized that I would have to start taking the medications while working which also wasn't viable. The number of drugs that I already had tried that didn't work along with those that I wasn't currently on would probably qualify for the Guinness Book of World Records. As far as I was concerned, drugs were not a viable long term solution. Upon my diagnosis, I realized that my mother also had Fibromyalgia which was never diagnosed and let to her death from overuse of prescription drugs. I regarded the recommendation to exercise as a joke. How could I ever exercise when in so much pain? I was forced to make a decision between my fantastic six figure job and my health. I retired on my birthday, January 24, 2003

My first step was to do extensive research on Fibromyalgia, which is how I learned about the Alpha-Stim method and EPII.

I purchased the machine and used it as instructed, up to one hour each day for 14 days, (being the overachiever that I am, I started with the max) and was astonished at the results. The first week after completing this treatment I was able to discontinue the sleep medications Alprazolam and Amitryptilene which were no longer working and have not needed them since. Restored sleep has helped me with the pain management and allowed me to focus on getting the other symptoms under control. I have changed my diet, and hired a trainer to help me with exercises.

For the first time in my life, there are many days that I get up and continue through the day without pain. I realize that I will always have to continue on this journey which, is now filled with anticipation instead of anxiety. Hopefully, this journey will eventually lead me back to my HR career that have so much enjoyed or maybe on to a new career.



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