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Alpha-Stim® Patient Testimonials

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Chronic Pain Relief For Patients

“Alpha-Stim gave me ongoing relief which got more and more successful the more I used it.”
- Kathy Lettice

I have been using the Alpha-Stim 100 for about 6 months now. I have a chronic pain condition due to two accidents one which caused a condition suspected as RSD or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.  MANY days the pain was unbearable and pain medication would not totally relieve it and is short lived.  Also, pain medications can be addictive and have intense side effects especially in my case as I have allergies to many medications.  I use a TENS unit, but that only helps pain temporarily, and when you turn it off the pain returns.  Then I was introduced to the Alpha-Stim 100 by a new doctor I started seeing last year after another accident. I could not believe how fast and successfully it helped the pain compared to the TENS unit, electrical stimulation in physical therapy, ultra sound, and many of the other modalities I had tried which only gave some temporary relief.  In comparison, the Alpha-Stim gave me ongoing relief which got more and more successful the more I used it.  The long lasting effects were and continue to be very encouraging to me.  A condition like RSD is very painful and very difficult to treat.  Most other treatments I have tried either did not help at all or if they do it is only short term.  However, the Alpha-Stim has helped, and to me anything that can help with such severe and chronic pain as successfully as the Alpha-Stim, is a hopeful and encouraging form of treatment.  I would recommend it to anyone who suffers with pain especially chronic pain.  Last, I just recently learned more valuable information on how to get the maximal and best use from my Alpha-Stim from a very kind and patient customer service rep for Alpha-Stim.  The support is excellent and if you have questions on how to best use your Alpha-Stim, someone from the company who makes the product will gladly spend quality time with those in need of technical or general support.  I am looking forward to using my Alpha-Stim more and more and believe the more time I can give to Alpha-Stim treatments, the more long lasting pain relief and healing I will get.  If only spending small intervals of treatment time on my Alpha-Stim has helped me with significant relief, then I believe more use of my machine will even give greater results and am looking forward to updating this testimony with more positive results again.  The difference of the Alpha-Stim compared to other modalities in my opinion is that the Alpha-Stim allows for a healing effect and will be long lasting as you continue treatment, where as the results I have received from other modalities and medication have been temporary and soon after such other modalities are stopped the pain returns.



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Chronic Pain Relief Patient Testimonials