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Alpha-Stim® Patient Testimonials

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Chronic Pain Relief For Patients

“Dr. Felhaus, this Alpha-Stim unit has given me my life back as I once knew it.”
- Terri Mathews

I am writing to you concerning my treatments by Dr. Michael Perry in which he has used the Alpha-Stim 100 Microcurrent Stimulator on me since April 3, 2001 for my pain which I have had since my surgery three years ago July 1.

I feel that this unit is a Godsend for me or even a miracle because since I have been having these treatments, my level of pain has decreased a great deal and I hope to be able to purchase one to be able to treat myself, as the treatments are accumulative, and I believe that with the ability to treat myself someday the pain will stop. After being on the Duragesic Pain Patch for about 2 years, I have recently been able to get off of it and just use a prescribed pain pill when necessary.

Being able to treat myself with this unit will also save me money due to the fact that I will be able to treat myself and will not need appointments with Dr. Perry or will I have to be taking off of work for appointments.

Dr. Feldhaus, I do hope that you will refer your patients who, like me, have unexplainable continued pain following surgeries because I had searched for three long years for something or someone who could help me and I had become almost financially and mentally depleted by this search, with no results. Please save them the agony and hopelessness that I had to endure because this Alpha-Stim unit DOES WORK!

The list of pain meds you and other Drs. have prescribed for my pain is also practically endless. Some of these were experimental and did not work and others took away my ability to function in my life because they drugged me to the point where I could not get out of bed, could not get dressed for work, or drive to work and this even had an effect on my marriage as there were so many things that I was limited to being able to do.

I saw at least five other Drs. including two Pain Clinics, which you referred me to, in this Community having many different procedures such as acupuncture and acupressure, craniosacral therapy, energy and pressure point therapies, the TENS unit, shots on my back to kill the messages of the nerve endings, (which was very painful and was also a very expensive hospital procedure). I might add that this was done by a Dr. Pressure in Council Bluffs who stated that he gave me three times more. This could not have been done due to my size because I am only 51” and weighed 140 lbs. at the time. I also gained 30 lbs. since the surgery three years ago and now that so much of the pain has been relieved since I have been using the Alpha-Stim unit, I have already lost 10 of those lbs. and am able to be so much more active.

Dr. Felhaus, this Alpha-Stim unit has given me my life back as I once knew it. Please do save your patients (who must live their lives in pain as I did), the three year search that it took me to find Dr. Michael Perry and the Alpha-Stim.

Thank you and please feel free to pass this information on to others in the Medical community that it could help. Had I only known where to go for treatments after my surgery, I could have saved a great deal of money and physical and mental agony so perhaps by my sharing what I have learned, others will not have to travel the same agonizing road. I truly believe that God, Dr. Michael Perry, and the Alpha-Stim unit can make a major DETOUR possible in their lives.








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