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Alpha-Stim® Patient Testimonials

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Chronic Pain Relief For Patients

“The doctors and therapists had never seen anyone recover so quickly.”
- Gil & Chella Reyes

In August of 2000 my wife Chella (age 59), began having occasional sharp pains in both shoulders. The diagnosis was Impingement syndrome. Our doctor recommended 6 weeks of therapy which included range of motion exercise followed by a TENS treatment and finally ice packs. This helped reduce the pain somewhat but Chella was not able to perform her normal daily activities and the pain would become worse at night and when doing the easiest of tasks.

On May 15th we decided to have a right shoulder acromioplasty performed. This was done by Dr. Joseph Mayo in Placientia, CA.

The surgery went well, although there was more damage to the tendon than the doctor had anticipated. He repaired the tendon and removed some of the bone that was causing the impingement. He said the recovery would take 6-8 weeks minimum, due the extent of the damage.

Approximately 2 weeks after surgery Dr. Mayo ordered therapy as before. Range of motion, TENS treatments and ice. At this time we began using your Alpha-Stim 100 at home. The therapists were very impressed with the unit and highly recommended it's use. They instructed Chella on how to use the Alpha-Stim 100 followed by ice packs. She continued the therapy for another 3 weeks.  By then she had full range of motion with no pain.

The doctors and therapists had never seen anyone recover so quickly.

Instead of the 6-8 weeks Chella had full range of motion in 4-5 weeks, and the pain in the left shoulder is nearly gone. She may not need surgery on the other shoulder if we continue the Alpha-Stim treatments.

In addition to the shoulder treatments, Chella is using the Alpha-Stim 100 ear clips to help with anxiety and insomnia, which she has had all her adult life. The results are encouraging.






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Chronic Pain Relief Patient Testimonials