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Alpha-Stim® Patient Testimonials

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Chronic Pain Relief For Patients

“In summary, I am thrilled! For the first time in six years, I can allow the wind to blow on my face and can apply my makeup without pain.”
- Cindi Robertson

I have been using an Alpha-Stim for the treatment of facial pain for the past two months under the direction of Dr. Bruce Epker of Weatherford, Texas.  I have experienced good success with this product, and thought I should share my story.

The trigeminal nerve (inferior avelor) in my right jaw severed during a routine wisdom tooth extraction on July 29, 1994. The area became severely infected and incredibly painful. I rarely slept through the night and was unable to eat solid food. In March, 1995, during an exploratory surgery, the surgeon discovered a fairly well developed neuroma, and determined it to be the cause of the pain. In August of 1995, Dr. Bruce Epker opened the area revealing a “rather large” neuroma on the right trigeminal nerve. He then performed a nerve graft using a 1” long section of the sural nerve in my left leg as the donor tissue. Following this surgery, the pain diminished but did not stop. An exploratory surgery in March of 1999 revealed that the nerve was “pink and healthy” and had regenerated quite nicely. There was no longer a physiological cause for the pain, but the pain, although diminished in intensity, remained.

Over the years, Dr. Epker and I have experimented with many pain relief techniques: various medicines, topical analgesics, and shots of pain relievers directly into the nerve. Although each of these techniques provided some temporary relief, none was able to completely stop the pain. Before starting treatments with the Alpha-Stim in July, I was taking 75mg of Effexor per day for pain and using a topical analgesic as needed. When the skin of my right chin was touched, I had a “pins and needles” (dysaesthesia) sensation, perhaps a “4” on the pain scale on page 8 of your manual. Yet, I had adjusted quite well to these limitations. I felt comfortable as long as I did not go outside in the wind or allow anything to touch my chin. My teeth were also very sensitive to pressure. I could not allow food to touch my teeth on the right side, but again, I had learned to eat quite well despite these limitations. The pain in my teeth was about a “4”, also. Perhaps once or twice weekly, I experienced a sharp shooting pain along my jaw. Using the chart on page 8 of your manual, I would describe the shooting pain as a “5”, sometimes distressing and always discomforting, but it rarely interrupted my life for more than a few moments. Although my quality of life was reduced, I was comfortable and happy and very hopeful.

For the first two weeks, I used the Alpha-Stim at a frequency of 0.5 and an intensity of “2”, attaching one clip to each ear. Each treatment lasted perhaps 2 hours each day. This did little for the pain. At Dr. Epker’s suggestion, I tried several treatments at a slightly higher intensity for 12 - 16 hours at a time. Although the pain was minimal during the treatments, it returned soon after each session. We tried attaching a sticky pad electrode to each cheek, but this had even less effect. For the past five weeks or so, I have been using the sticky pad electrodes, locating one behind my right ear and one on the right side of my chin, right where the nerve enters the soft tissue. This really worked! After two long treatments, the dysaesthesia in my chin has diminished significantly, to about a “1” at the worst. Unfortunately, although the pain in my teeth is reduced, the Alpha-Stim did not have such a marked effect on that area. The pain ranges from a “1” immediately after the treatment, rising to a “4” as the day progresses. Currently, I am using the unit on a “1.5” frequency and an intensity of “2½” or “3”. I sleep with the unit on, providing an uninterrupted treatment of five to seven hours. The only side-effect is dizziness, which can be quite frightening, but this subsides when I discontinue treatment for a few days or turn down the frequency on the unit.

In summary, I am thrilled! For the first time in six years, I can allow the wind to blow on my face and can apply my makeup without pain. I cannot remember the last time I experienced a sharp pain greater than a “2”. Moreover, I have discontinued all medication, including the topical analgesic, yet am sleeping and eating with more comfort than before the treatments. The real result is a much higher quality of life. I am certain that the pain will continue to diminish over time, leaving me entirely pain free one day. Please feel free to use my name or share any of the above information with other patients if you feel they would benefit from this story. I am a walking advertisement for Alpha-Stim and living proof that it works. I am very grateful for your efforts at developing such a great product.





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Chronic Pain Relief Patient Testimonials