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Alpha-Stim® Patient Testimonials

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Chronic Pain Relief For Patients

“I really can say that the Alpha-Stim is the best thing that happened to me in this part of my life... I can pick up my social life again and it improved my quality of life a lot.”
- Gerard Rump

I have worked for 23 years as a senior video editor with the major broadcasting company in the Netherlands, and I can say it was the job I always wanted and I couldnít imagine that there was something else I would do for a living. But 5 years ago I got shoulder problems and the pain was so bad that I got sick from it and couldnít do my normal work. After being sick for a year the broadcast company decided that it was time to say goodbye to me and fired me. So I lost my job because of a working related disease, and different from your country we donít have the means by law to claim money from the employer. The first year and the years after I consulted many different disciplines of medical doctors and physiotherapists and alternative doctors to find out what was wrong with the shoulder and how to cure it. After many consults and MRI scans and EMG of different parts of the neck shoulder and back nobody could tell me what the real course of the pain was. After 3 years my orthopedist advised me after being injected about 12 times with cortisone that the only solution was to operate on the shoulder. What he would do was a decompressing and be doing so he would create more space for the nerves in my shoulder and the result of that would be relief of pain. After a long wait (we have long waiting lists in the Netherlands for operation) he performed the operation and he told me afterwards that the operation was a success. But not for me the pain was still there and I was very disappointed. After about two monthís and many consults with my orthopedist he told me that he was finished and he couldnít do anything for me anymore. At that point I wasnít too interested any more in finding out what was wrong with the shoulder, the only thing I wanted was to get pain relief.  The physiotherapist I visit told me that it was necessary to get pain relief, because of the pain he couldnít treat the shoulder properly and therefore the condition of the shoulder got worse.  So I was sent to a very good pain clinic and there they injected a nerve in my neck to get pain relief.  But unfortunately it didnít work for me; the pain remained.  I became depressed with the feeling that this was it, I just had to live with the pain for the rest of my life.  My girlfriend works in a hospital as a social worker on the revalidation department and she came in contact with the psychotherapist who also works there and told him my story.  He immediately told her that I should contact him because he had something for me.  When she told me that I was very skeptical at first as Iíd seen every discipline in medicine and that there would be a psychotherapist who would have the answer.  But I went to him and he told me about the Alpha-Stim and treated me with it.  And to my big surprise it worked for me after the first session I felt real good.  The pain was reduced to a minimum and had a very pleasant feeling overall. After several treatments Rob the psychotherapist asked me if I was interested in opening a practice of my own under his guidance he was too busy with his own practice and didnít have the time to threat patients with the Alpha-Stim. And so we opened a practice to treat people with the Alpha-Stim.  I really can say that the Alpha-Stim is the best thing that happened to me in this part of my life.  I have a great relief of pain, it has improved my feeling of well-being I can pick up my social life again and it improved my quality of life a lot.







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Chronic Pain Relief Patient Testimonials