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Alpha-Stim® Patient Testimonials

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Chronic Pain Relief For Patients

“The pain has lessened so much I can hardly believe it.”
- Virginia E. Sheffer

I have had severe osteoporosis for a number of years. On December 30, 2001, I fractured my pelvis in the back at the pelvic rim. I was in the hospital and then transferred to a rehab-nursing home where I developed an excruciating pain in my left hip. It was so severe they couldn't give me physical therapy so they sent me home. I rented a hospital bed and a wheelchair. I was in them until March 20, 2002.

I had a number of epidural injections from a pain center, went to my spinal orthopedic specialist, had two MRIs and a CAT scan. My orthopedist then sent me to a neurologist for an EMG in June.

The results from that were not conclusive - no single nerve was involved as most of the doctors thought. He said it was a cluster of nerves as a result of the fracture. He gave me a prescription for a TENS unit on June 14, 2002.  I used it for one week and the electrodes and lead lines kept coming disconnected, so on June 24th, I returned it and got an Alpha-Stim 100.

After one treatment, the burning and tingling went out of my left leg. I have now used it for 6 weeks and walk without a walker or cane. The pain has lessened so much I can hardly believe it.  Before all this happened, I was walking 1 miles every morning. I am so thrilled to know I will soon start my morning walks again. The neurologist is more than pleased with my progress - THANKS TO ALPHA-STIM 100!








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Chronic Pain Relief Patient Testimonials