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Chronic Pain Relief For Patients

“It arrived last Saturday and that is the last date on which I have had to take a pain pill.”
- George Van Natta

In 1928 I was involved in a road accident in which I suffered fractures of both legs and other injuries. Although the attending surgeon originally did a reasonable job he did not follow up very well and when the swelling subsided the cast on my right leg became loose. Nothing was done to correct this; one of the bones in the lower leg slipped enough to cause a ¾" shortening of the right leg.

For the next 45 years this situation did not cause me any abnormal amount of trouble but toward the end of that time I began to feel knee pain in the right leg. This pain was attributed to the fact that the cartilage in the right knee was badly worn. The doctors thought a steel knee replacement was the answer and that was done.

This knee replacement functioned quite well for about 8 years. Since then, most of the time, I have been unable to walk unless I took a very potent pain pill of some kind.

Recently, I ordered your Alpha-Stim CS in the hope that I could dispense with the pain pills. It arrived last Saturday and that is the last date on which I have had to take a pain pill.

It appears that I can start the day with a 20 minute session with the unit and get by with no more for the entire day.

As yet, there are “remnants” of pain around, enough to keep one convinced that nobody has tampered with the clock; these, however, were also present when medication was used and they are not potent enough to cause one to further restrict movement. My guess is that the pains last mentioned will ease over time, but at this point, it is not possible to be sure.






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Chronic Pain Relief Patient Testimonials