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Alpha-Stim® Patient Testimonials

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Chronic Pain Relief For Patients

“Within 12 hours I was completely off of morphine and only used Ibuprofin.  Within 18 hours I was completely out of pain and did not use anything else.”
- LeAnn Watkins

I want to thank you for the Alpha-Stim it has been wonderful. I would like to tell you how it has helped me in the past year.

October, 2003 I found out that I had cancer for the third time. Because of past experience I knew that pain killers really make me sick. I had heard that you had a product that would help alleviate pain. I was willing to try anything as I get extremely ill when taking any type of pain killers. I contacted my physician and obtained a prescription. Now it was time to convince my surgeon.

I took the Alpha-Stim with me to my surgeon and tried to explain it to him. He was wonderful. Even though he had never heard of it before he was willing to let me use it because he knew how sick I become. Immediately after my mastectomy he applied the Alpha-Stim. Within 12 hours I was completely off of morphine and only used Ibuprofin. Within 18 hours I was completely out of pain and did not use anything else. My nurses and doctor were completely amazed. I stayed in the hospital for two days. On my release my surgeon stood amazed that I was not in pain. He commented that it took a lot of morphine to keep me out of pain. He asked if I needed a prescription for pain killers. I let him know I was not in pain and I didnít need any. Three times before leaving the room he asked me the same question. Each time I told him no.

Two days later I called his office to ask a question about my incision. I was unable to get him because it was his day off. Later in the day he returned my phone call. He told me that even though it was his day off he came by to check to see if I had called because he knew that I would. He was very surprised when he found out that I was not calling to get pain killer.

I wore the Alpha-Stim for two weeks non stop except to shower. Compared to the other surgeries it was like night and day in my recovery. It is awesome. My husband asked if I could tell a difference from the last time I had surgery. I was able to tell him that after past surgeries I was on pain killers at least two weeks. And even then I was never completely out of pain. With the Alpha-Stim I was completely out of pain.

In March I needed to have a hysterectomy. I told my doctor I wanted to use the Alpha-Stim and he agreed. He was wonderful but the nurses werenít very supportive. I had the Alpha-Stim put on immediately after surgery. Again within about 12 hours the pain was diminishing. The nurse came in and asked how my pain was on a scale of 1-10. I could tell it was down about a 4 so I ask for Ibuprofin. The nurse refused because it wasnít on my chart. She had asked what I had on and I tried to explain it. I told her that I would be out of pain in the next 6 hours. Of course she didnít believe me and was even short with me about it. Again I wore it for two weeks. I was able to go to church seven days after my surgery amazing many.

A week to the day later a friend of mine also had a hysterectomy. She was also able to use the Alpha-Stim. She had an abdominal hysterectomy. She had the same results as I did. Wearing it for two weeks and being able to be at church within seven days.

Now I would like to tell you what the Alpha-Stim did for my son. In November, 2003 while I was recovering from surgery my son came down with Mononeucleosis. s this raged on by February he was not getting better. We took him to a specialist and were told he had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. In April I found out that the Alpha-Stim worked for depression. I began using it on my son. He began to get better and was able to go to school a few days a week. He had not been to school since December. By the end of May I took him to the doctor and he wanted to put him on medication for depression. My husband and I did not want to do that. The doctor said he would have to be on the medication for at least a year. Because I have family members and friends that have had depression, I knew what the medication could do. Good and bad. I called your office and was able to speak with you and found out that I had not been properly using the Alpha-Stim on my son. Within days of using it correctly I was able to see a difference. Within two weeks he was a different child. We used the Alpha-Stim for two months everyday and by August we used it only twice a week. By the middle of August we did not use it at all. He is back to his normal wonderful self.

Thank you for all your work with this product. I tell people every chance I get about how wonderful it is.





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Chronic Pain Relief Patient Testimonials